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DIYbio Groningen

24 Sep , 2015  


DIYbio Groningen will be presenting some open-source laboratory hardware projects such as a self built PCR machine.

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24 Sep , 2015   Video


Ever dreamed of printing larger objects with your very own Ultimaker? Joris developed an amazingly simple add-on to achieve this: the Z-Unlimited. The Z-Unlimited basically flips your 3D printer upside down and moves it all the way up along a wall while it is printing. To convert your 3D printer will only take you 10 […]

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Open source 360 degree camera

24 Sep , 2015  


An open source 360 degree video solution. This is a “meeting browser” that facilitates real-time remote viewing of meeting and allow the viewer to participate in the discussion. The aim is to increase transparency in the decision making process and increasing involment in the political process. website:

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Eize Stamhuis / Bionica

23 Sep , 2015  


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From TFT to Art – David Voordes

19 Sep , 2015  

handmatige demntage david

A presentation about the possibilities of manual disassembling during the recycling of TFT computer screens. The laser-cutter in the FabLab has cut out a design in the optically active foils to create beautiful retro lamps. Come and admire the lamps! In our consumer society we are continually encouraged to buy new devices. The Dutch are […]