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Launch Cafe BioBar

24 Sep , 2015  


For Researchers’ Night we will transform the Launch Cafe bar into a bio themed bar. No drinks will be served, but grab a stool and talk with prof. Gert-Jan Euverink about synthetetic biology. Play Richel Bilderbeek’s game of life fighter, see how DIYbio is building their own lab, or ask prof. Stamhuis why he is 3D printing box fish.

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Bob Verschoor

24 Sep , 2015  


Bob will show some of his personally designed models, printed with his self built 3D printer. Come by to see examples of famous Groningen landmarks, a working replica of the first handheld camera and a skull used for forensic archaeology.

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DIYbio Groningen

24 Sep , 2015  


DIYbio Groningen will be presenting some open-source laboratory hardware projects such as a self built PCR machine. http://www.diybiogroningen.org/

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The Rise of Virtual Reality / Adriaan Rijkens

24 Sep , 2015  


VR/Heroes loves Virtual Reality because anything is possible in the virtual world. Using the latest Virtual Technologies VR/Heroes makes virtual ideas a reality. The ultimate goal is to use technology to bring magic back into the world. VR developer Adriaan Rijkens will talk about why Virtual Reality is changing the world and how you can be part […]

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24 Sep , 2015  


Drones have a multitude of applications- construction, farming, filming and fun. For Researchers’ Night some of Groningen’s drone enthusiasts have gathered to show off their flying contraptions, show some impressive footage and discuss the future of this technology. There will be quadcopters, hexacopters, FPV (first person view) racers and several talks. Be sure to check out: DIY […]

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24 Sep , 2015   Video


Ever dreamed of printing larger objects with your very own Ultimaker? Joris developed an amazingly simple add-on to achieve this: the Z-Unlimited. The Z-Unlimited basically flips your 3D printer upside down and moves it all the way up along a wall while it is printing. To convert your 3D printer will only take you 10 […]

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Joris van Tubergen / De role of open-source in innovation

23 Sep , 2015  


Joris van Tubergen (1977) is a designer, inventor and expert in the field of 3D printing. His knowledge and techniques are used in several projects and installations renowned by leading (international) galleries and museums. With his clear way of explaining his vision on the future of 3D printing and the future role of digital fabrication […]

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Open source 360 degree camera

24 Sep , 2015  


An open source 360 degree video solution. This is a “meeting browser” that facilitates real-time remote viewing of meeting and allow the viewer to participate in the discussion. The aim is to increase transparency in the decision making process and increasing involment in the political process. website: www.Greenfield.tv

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DIY Hologram

21 Sep , 2015  


With a youtube video you can project a real hologram from your smartphone. Cut the pieces yourself using the lasercutter at the fablab and glue them together. In doing so you create your very own hologram projection display. Just load the video and let the magic happen. See also: www.fablabgroningen.nl and www.de-maakschappij.nl.

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3D printers

5 Sep , 2015  

3D printer

3D printers can be used to make quick prototypes, visualise complex mathematical objects and even provide your lab with fully customizable holders and other tools. Now that this way of manufacturing has become cheap and accessible, the possibilities to innovate are vast and only limited by your own imagination! This exhibit includes objects that were […]