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Cello Fortress

4 Sep , 2015  

Cello Fortress Scheme

Cello Fortress is een unieke combinatie tussen een game en een live muzikale performance. De cellist bestuurt de game door melodieën te improviseren en stuurt zo de verdediging van het fort aan, dat mensen uit het publiek proberen te veroveren.

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Game of Life Fighter

17 Sep , 2015  


Game of Life fighter is a two-player game based on Conway’s Game of Life. Build gliders and spaceships, and send them towards the enemy and win!

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iGem – Bacteria responsible for blue energy

2 Sep , 2015  


The iGEM 2015-team of the University of Groningen is working on blue bio energy, a project that uses synthetic biology to generate power between salt and sweet water. Synthetic biology can create new functions for bacteria, by building with so-called ‘biobricks,’ a type of Lego-bricks consisting of DNA. Team iGEM 2015 wants to use bacteria […]

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Lab-o-Chip Game

5 Sep , 2015  


A laboratory on a tiny chip. It’s one of the latest developments in medical technology. Experience the basic principles of a lab-o-chip in the first 4 levels of this game; mixing solutions, separation of mixtures, and detection of cells and particles in solutions. Learn how to use fluids on such a small scale and combine […]

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Robot Lab

9 Sep , 2015  

robotlab NAO

The social NAO-robots of the RuG Robotlab give it their all in a dance performance. Place yourself in the robot’s shoes and view the world through its eyes. Do you want to know how it works? The robotteam of the RuG will be present to show you around in the world of robotics.

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6 Sep , 2015  


SELF in an interactive choreographic game design for 4 persons that Jochen Stechmann is currently developing in a research project at Dansmakers Amsterdam, and it is also open to audiences as a work-in-progress. This research project explores various aspects of competition, collaboration and the influence of evaluations on movement behavior. Spoken in English.

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Play Smart

3 Sep , 2015  


Niels Taatgen, Harmen de Weerd and Trudy Buwalda Taatgen and his team use several computer games to research how we learn: can we increase our working memory or can we improve our negotiation skills by playing games? If the computer simultaneously learns new strategies itself we will come full circle. In that case, who learns […]

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Smart Grids Game

11 Sep , 2015  


It won’t be long before everyone has their own power supply: via solar panels, small windmills or electric cars you can be both a producer and consumer of energy at the same time. The exchange of energy will have to go via a Smart Grid, where supply and demand of energy will be matched. Can […]