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Boom / Virtual Tree-Hugging

8 Sep , 2015  

BOOM_virtueel boom knuffelen

A multidisciplinary Virtual Reality team from Groningen, composed of Happy Ship, Sander Bos and Chantalla Pleiter specifically create the set-up “TREE” for GRRN. A VR/AR/RL experience combined with tactile stimulus that researches multiple interpretations of reality. How realistic does the surrounding or an object need to be? And what influence does the medium have on […]

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C.a.p.e. / in the center of the experience

11 Sep , 2015  

CAPE kaartje 72

What if you could physically walk through the past en possibly even the future? What if you could remove yourself to a reality that ISN’T THERE? What if the artist takes charge of your reality and literally positions you inside the art piece? C.a.p.e (Computer Automatic Personal Environment) is a futuristic system, a highly technological […]

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DIY 360 Camera Robot / Arne Weiß

19 Sep , 2015  

fotorobot arne

The company 360bit from Bremen (DLD) indulges itself in the playing and making of High Res images. CameraRobots, Automated Capturing, Montage and Mapping are the focus areas of Arne. Visit the 360bit website

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Draw your future

5 Sep , 2015  

Draw Your Future_Nacht KW.jpg

What will the future look like? Do we still have the same type of housing? What solutions will we have found for the shortages of fossil fuel? What ingenious methods will we have developed to grow our own vegetables? What do you think? Create your own future!

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‘New Horizons passes Pluto’

2 Sep , 2015  


On July 14th, 2015, the space probe ‘New Horizons’ buzzed over dwarf planet Pluto and made the sharpest recordings ever made of this unknown world. Marlies van de Weijgaert brings the audience along on the journey of the probe through the galaxy. Pluto turns out to be a unique world that will make us revise […]

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Ocean Grazer

19 Sep , 2015  


The Ocean Grazer is a new system that gathers and stores several types of energy present in the ocean, with wave energy as the primary energy source. The project distinguishes itself from existing systems because of its adaptability to the waves and the possibility for energy capture, which results in an efficient way to convert […]

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9 Sep , 2015  

CF014091De Haas van Dorsser kopie

Wordbites. Words that speak combined with music. Thoughts, poems, stories and orations. Contrarious thoughts and roundly brought. In short: a textual playground to wander in and to look down upon the forest from the top of the slide.

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22 Jul , 2015  


Marvel in the beauty of the Infoversum 3D cinema made possible by the artists of ‘Visueel Geweld’ and ‘WERC’.