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Cello Fortress

4 Sep , 2015  

Cello Fortress Scheme

Cello Fortress is een unieke combinatie tussen een game en een live muzikale performance. De cellist bestuurt de game door melodieën te improviseren en stuurt zo de verdediging van het fort aan, dat mensen uit het publiek proberen te veroveren.

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The New Way of Travel

3 Sep , 2015  


The new way of travel is a travel agency for everyday life. Research is not limited to a lab, but can be conducted everywhere. Plan a trip at this remarkable travel agency, to learn how to truly see and blow your mind, especially in your ordinary surroundings. With the investigative glasses of The New Way […]

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Robot Lab

9 Sep , 2015  

robotlab NAO

The social NAO-robots of the RuG Robotlab give it their all in a dance performance. Place yourself in the robot’s shoes and view the world through its eyes. Do you want to know how it works? The robotteam of the RuG will be present to show you around in the world of robotics.

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6 Sep , 2015  


SELF in an interactive choreographic game design for 4 persons that Jochen Stechmann is currently developing in a research project at Dansmakers Amsterdam, and it is also open to audiences as a work-in-progress. This research project explores various aspects of competition, collaboration and the influence of evaluations on movement behavior. Spoken in English.

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SURGER 0.1 / Raul Saldarriaga

13 Sep , 2015  


Direct the dancers in this DIY dance performance by using a video game controller, or let yourself get directed! In this experiment you will encounter the difference between inside and outside of the circle, the barrier between ‘dancers’ and ‘gamers’. The interaction between these two worlds combines playfulness and rules with dance and movement. The […]

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9 Sep , 2015  

CF014091De Haas van Dorsser kopie

Wordbites. Words that speak combined with music. Thoughts, poems, stories and orations. Contrarious thoughts and roundly brought. In short: a textual playground to wander in and to look down upon the forest from the top of the slide.