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The Playful City

10 Sep , 2015  


 Tarik Barri & Chantalla Pleiter   Is a continuous audio-visual and interactive set-up that invites the Homo ludens (the playful human) within us to come to the forefront… The making of structures and the creation of edifices is one of the most differential activities of mankind. Art, science, music, philosophy, language, architecture: they are all […]

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The Sound of Groningen

2 Sep , 2015  


What does Groningen sound like? How does sound influence your life, and how does your ideal city sound? During the Groninger Researchers’ Night we will gather data about how the audience experiences sound using an ambisonic setting, where the guinea pig is surrounded by speakers. Experience a sound environment by standing in the center of […]

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The New Way of Travel

3 Sep , 2015  


The new way of travel is a travel agency for everyday life. Research is not limited to a lab, but can be conducted everywhere. Plan a trip at this remarkable travel agency, to learn how to truly see and blow your mind, especially in your ordinary surroundings. With the investigative glasses of The New Way […]

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SURGER 0.1 / Raul Saldarriaga

13 Sep , 2015  


Direct the dancers in this DIY dance performance by using a video game controller, or let yourself get directed! In this experiment you will encounter the difference between inside and outside of the circle, the barrier between ‘dancers’ and ‘gamers’. The interaction between these two worlds combines playfulness and rules with dance and movement. The […]

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Senses in the mix with synesthesia

2 Sep , 2015  


A three is red, the new Justin Bieber hit smells like mint and Wednesday morning does not exist. All examples of synesthesia: the mixing up of senses. Do you want to know what it’s like to be a synesthete? If so, you should come to the Remonstrantse Kerk. Here you will experience the week of […]

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Remonstrantse Kerk

11 Aug , 2015  


Play the lead role in a DIY dance performance in the Remonstrantse Kerk and let yourself get carried away by scents with DJ Scents of Music.