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DIY Hologram

21 Sep , 2015  


With a youtube video you can project a real hologram from your smartphone. Cut the pieces yourself using the lasercutter at the fablab and glue them together. In doing so you create your very own hologram projection display. Just load the video and let the magic happen. See also: and

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Ableton Live

3 Sep , 2015   Video

Ableton Training

Create beats & sounds in just a heartbeat with the Push instrument and the music software Ableton Live. Attend the presentation of Ableton Certified Trainer Menno Keij and then try it yourself at one of the workstations. Other than the basic functions, Menno will also briefly address granular synthesis. This technique can transform regular sound […]

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Lab-o-Chip workshop

19 Sep , 2015  


Lab on a chip is just one branch in the comprehensive world of micro- and nanotechnology. These chips run on fluids, and are meant to reduce the laboratory to a microscopic size. Conceiving and making these Lab on a chips requires knowledge of the behavior of fluids on micro-scale as well as production techniques and […]

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THINGS IO – Make something that does something

2 Sep , 2015  


Experiment with the LittleBits electronics of THINGS IO and snap your ideas to life! LittleBits is a collection of more than 60 electronic models with which you can quickly and easily create an electronic circuit, with among other things lights, engines, sensors, buzzers, synthesizer modules, speakers and the cloudBit for an online connection. THINGS IO […]

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Wheel of Fortune Game Lab

19 Sep , 2015  


Spin the wheel and win problems and solutions! Luck 50% – creativity 50% – collaboration 50% – fun 100% Is a problem just a problem? Or is it a solution? Maybe the solution can be a problem. This lab challenges you to engage with both problems and solutions you via mixed media art materials and […]

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22 Jul , 2015  


Adjacent to the Infoversum you will find a truck full of technological gadgets and devices: the FryskLab. This modern library on wheels will bring you up to date with the latest possibilities and will put you to work with their ‘how to make almost everything’ mentality of their lab.