About us

Friday the 25th of September will feature the first annual GRoninger Researchers’ Night! This is the new interactive festival about research, design and entrepreneurship. With the theme ‘Power of Play,’ you – the spectator – will become the researcher! The overarching organization – the Netherlands Researchers’ Night – will simultaneously host dazzling nights of science in Groningen, Amsterdam, Leiden, Nijmegen and Utrecht. This many Dutch initiatives to combine research and nightlife that take place on the same night has so far been unprecedented. Not only the Netherlands partakes in this event; it is part of the European Researchers’ Night. During this night, hundreds of European cities simultaneously present science in a fun and accessible manner.
All venues will open their doors at 8pm.

Food & Drink

The Infoversum and the Groningen Forum both offer catering services with a wide array of food & drink options. The Remonstrantse church and the GYM will also open their bars this night.

Photography and Film

During the GRoninger Researchers’ Night we will be capturing footage of our interactive program and maybe even of you… Please keep in mind that by attending our event, you consent to the fact that this material may be used for distributional purposes by both the festival and its partners.