One ticket for access to all venues!


Tickets cost €10,- / € 7,50 (students)

Information about tickets

  • On the Night itself, it could be busy on the cash desk. If you don’t want to stand in a long line, it’s better to get your ticket online. You can also get your ticket at the Groninger Forum Hereplein, daily from 15.30h.
  • Your e-ticket is not a valid entry ticket: you need to exchange it for a wristband at September 25. This is possible at the Groninger Forum Hereplein from 15.30h, at the Infoversum from 18.30h and at the water tower from 19.30h. You can also buy a ticket at these venues. At Infoversum and the water tower, you can only pay with cash.
  • Your wristband gives you access to every venue ánd to the afterparty in the GYM, on Oosterstraat 13a.

The online ticketsale goes via Groninger Forum Hereplein. If you don’t have a Groninger Forum account, you can create it here.